Unconscious Bias Workshops

Giving teams the tools to bust unconscious bias at work

The Problem

Unconscious bias can get in the way of what we notice, hear, and remember–and what we don’t. It prevents us from being effective managers and team players. It hinders our ability to hold complexity, and quickly adapt and respond in an agile workplace.


Unconscious biases are mental shortcuts our brain uses to instantly categorize new information. Every second our brain is flooded with 11 million bits of information, but it can only process 40 bits at a conscious level. This means a lot is happening subconsciously.

Why does unconscious bias matter at work? Our beliefs about social identity groups–such as race, gender and sexual orientation—hamper our ability to communicate and collaborate with our colleagues.


Biases–while enacted unconsciously–can create experiences of exclusion for colleagues on the receiving end. They decrease the likelihood that those colleagues will be creative, speak up in a meeting, or take professional risks. Ultimately, biases hurt company culture and employee morale, and damage a company’s bottom line.

The Solution

The solution is Refound's unconscious bias workshops. Our workshops bust unconscious bias in your organization to enable effective communication and enhance team cohesion.

We engage participants through both interactive group discussion and formal presentation. Our workshops enable participants and teams to learn and practice new tools in real-time. Participants leave the workshop equipped with a framework that allows them to identify when bias occurs and how to interrupt it. The result: participants spend less time in their heads thinking about workplace dynamics and more time listening, communicating effectively, and producing their best work.

Our workshops are customized. The workshops we deliver are custom-designed for each organization. We tailor our content to the needs of the particular organization—building on existing training programs, and responding to current and historical challenges and sensitivities.

Workshop Testimonials

“The content itself was incredibly helpful”

“Provided simple tips to help identify and deal with bias”

“It was VERY actionable”

Rory Gerberg, Partner
Rory Gerberg, Partner

Creating diverse teams and inclusive organizations is at the heart of Rory Gerberg’s work. At Refound, Rory designs and facilitates unconscious bias workshops for clients across all sectors—from tech startups and large corporations to nonprofits and public sector agencies. With a master’s degree from Harvard, she has also advised educational institutions and foundations on gender-sensitive program implementation and sexual harassment response strategy. Originally from New York, Rory moonlights as a salsa dancer and looks forward to her next backpacking trek.

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