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Learn how to talk about work in a way that speaks to the heart.

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"She’s been working for me for 9 years and I feel like we just started over, in an incredible way."

“I knew I had to talk to my GM about her overwhelm, but I didn’t know where to start. I was worried she would get defensive, and I wouldn’t know what to say. I am literally shocked at how this tool changed that conversation: The questions it asks and how it guided me to say what I needed to say in a way that she could really receive was very powerful. She’s been working for me for 9 years and I feel like we just started our relationship over, in an incredible way."

Jeffrey, CEO, New York

Do you know why most leaders are overwhelmed?

It's because they spend all their energy trying to get people to change instead of holding them accountable for changing themselves.

Can you imagine having a weekly meeting with each of your employees where:

  • They came with observations about what things needed to be improved and their ideas for how to do it?
  • They were proactively looking at their mistakes and missteps and asking you for help on how to grow even further?
  • They gave you honest feedback about the way you were leading the team because they felt safe to speak up?
  • They felt responsible for how their teammates showed up rather than putting you in the position of being the values police?

"Trickle-down Transformation" Is Expensive and Slow

The coaching industry has been selling the same solution for fifty years — focusing almost exclusively on the CEOs and founders and hoping that those changes will ‘trickle-down’ through the organization. The process is slow, expensive, and, in the end, fails because the CEO and Coach are unintentionally creating an echo chamber — making up theories about what’s happening in the culture and imposing generic, top-down initiatives without listening and knowing how to work with other — often harder to hear — voices in the organization.

The Good Authority guide is designed to turn that around, to help you engage with each person on your team in a radically new way: To help them see how they are showing up in their work relationships — and in their relationship to work itself — and to hold them accountable for doing the rest.

You’ll quickly discover that when you hold people accountable for personal growth in this way, it stops feeling like accountability, and starts feeling like care.

Introducing the Good Authority Guide

A free, interactive guide for leaders who want to have powerful, personal conversations with the people on their team

The Good Authority guide is based on the lessons I learned over a 15-year leadership career — up and down the org chart — from my first job as a Director at a dot com (bust) in 2000 through my tenure as the CEO and Chief Brand Officer of a global coaching company, to starting a new business here at Refound in 2015.

Here’s what the Good Authority Guide is not:

  • It’s not more generic talk about values, visions and leadership tactics like ‘storytelling’ that cause employees to tune out because they are about the business and not about the individual.
  • It’s not another app for tracking employee morale because generic surveys and tools don’t get to root causes which are always personal — and require a totally different set of management skills to get people to open up about.

Here’s what the Good Authority Guide is:

  • A step-by-step process for how to create, schedule, and hold a powerful personal development meeting
  • A framework that is personalized for your unique situation so that you know what to do talk about, how to bring it up, and how to guide the conversation forward.
  • An approach that is truly based in discovering the best interest of each individual, not the best interest of the company (and learning to trust that the former creates the latter!)

In the end, you’ll find that the Good Authority Guide is a tool to help you bring the best of yourself to your next conversation so you can inspire others to bring out the best in themselves. You'll learn:

  • How to keep the conversation moving even when people get defensive or make excuses.
  • How to take ownership of your role in a situation without letting people off the hook for changes they need to make
  • How to set expectations that are clear, feedback that is actionable, and consequences that are firm and fair.

Where Do These Ideas Come From?


Jonathan Raymond

Hi, I'm Jonathan, and Refound is a new approach to leading your organization or team — making the personal growth of each person on your team your first priority. I've developed this method over a fifteen year dual career, CEO and entrepreneur by day, personal growth and spiritual seeker by night. If you're looking to attract, retain and sustain a high-growth team, I hope you'll give these ideas a try. You can read the reviews and pick up a copy of Good Authority hereI live in Ashland, Oregon, a lovely small town that's too far away from a warm ocean.

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