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Technical skill and hard work got them the promotion. But leading a team requires not only new skills but a new confidence — to hold people accountable and engage with each individual in a way that blends personal and professional growth.

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What people are saying

  • John Warrillow
  • SpencerRosen
  • Brian
  • rsz_tiffanylach
  • rsz_gary_hellman
  • Jamie Birch
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  • “I’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand how Jonathan works to support both business owners and teams who are seeking to reinvent themselves. His insights and authentic leadership style helped people to get where they wanted to go. They couldn’t have achieved their goals without his guidance.”

    Bernadette Jiwa
  • “I love Jonathan’s style of working with people – and how they never get left out of the equation no matter what the business context. It’s always refreshing to be around someone who stands for what they believe in but does it with an open mind.”

    John Warrilow
  • “The conversation at Refound is THE conversation that is missing in business today. Jonathan has distilled the magic moments where real culture change happens into a usable format for business people to grasp in a small peer group experience. The conversations are candid, open and are directly relevant to what we are all aspiring towards at our organizations. Through this program, I’ve been supported to focus not on the content of my problems but on the bigger picture personal themes that when addressed with staff members seem to have the small stuff handle itself.”

    Spencer Rosen
  • “It’s amazing how much I was doing to hinder my team’s growth — and didn’t even realize it. After one week in this training, the first thing I wanted to do was apologize to my team for my previous management. I recommend Good Authority training for any manager who wants to get better for the people on their team.”

    Brian Secrist
  • “Refound has revolutionized my quest for leadership development. The conversations across diverse industries are full of rich explorations which lead to concrete examples that we can all apply. Jonathan has cracked the code of how to engage our employees and ourselves by asking the right questions in a refreshingly simple format that always moves the conversation forward.”

    Tiffany Lach
  • “Refound has made a profound change to how I approach managing my team. I learned how to truly delegate responsibility to others, and to hold them accountable not just for getting things done but for getting things done the right way. This training has given me the tools and the knowledge to grow individually and help the people around me do the same.”

    Gary Hellmann
  • “Sharing personal stories and struggles, getting insight and feedback and sometimes just listening to a diverse group of professionals has allowed me to grow my business and further my personal growth in ways that I am sure I won’t be able to fully measure for years to come. You need a peer group. It’s that simple. You are holding yourself back by not having one. It’s an amazing experience.”

    Jamie Birch
  • “The most powerful thing was for all of us to see how we struggle with the same things. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as a leader that I don’t know how I’d replace. I found a place to work on becoming more open, honest and vulnerable and recognize the changes I need to make within myself to be a great leader for my team and for myself.”

    Elizabeth Aslanadis
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Headshot HalfresHi, I’m Jonathan Raymond, author of the upcoming book Good Authorityand the former CEO of E-Myth. I’d love to share this new approach with you — how to create business results by focusing on personal growth in a way where people and organizations can reach their goals at the same time.

Do your managers and leaders struggle with accountability?

  • Do you see people taking on work that others should be doing?
  • Are they constantly asking for more time to complete projects and making excuses for why things are going sideways?
  • Are they consistently talking about making room for strategic and creative work but never get there?

Don’t let your goals get bogged down by politics and self-preservation. Let’s make sure every leader on the team knows:

  • How to set clear expectations
  • How to delegate full responsibility to others
  • How to create the safe-enough space where people have room to take risks
  • How to hold each person accountable for their role on the team and have the tough conversations when needed.
  • How to embody their values so they don’t need to talk about them.

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