Manager Training That's Aligned To Your Company Values

"Yes the numbers have gotten better, but this work does so much more than that. Refound has helped us become more resilient as leaders and as an organization. We’re able to work together and have the conversations that matter, even under stress. It changes everything."
Allan Swan
President, Panasonic Energy

Over the past 10 years, we’ve trained 10,000+ leaders and managers and are trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world.

We get it. Rolling out new programs is difficult. Budgets are tight, and you only have so many chances to get it right.

This is why we’ve created a streamlined manager training program that gets results fast without adding more work to your plate. We can train and certify your managers with the Good Authority methodology in less than 90 days.

We believe in starting small and building over time. Start by giving us 10 managers that you know are hungry for support. Whether due to overwhelm, poor engagement scores, or signaling investment in their growth, you’ll start to see changes immediately.

The best part? We’ll take care of all the logistics, so it’s less work for you.

Turn Your Managers…

A person who tries to get results in a top-down way through micromanagement and control

…into People Leaders

A person who gets results through honest conversations about accountability and ownership

You Need A Program With Credibility,  Grounded In A Proven Methodology

We know you need to show ROI. That’s why all Good Authority Manager Coaching Programs come with pre- and post-program assessments, so you can show your CEO why this training is so important and how it’s impacting performance and morale. 

Getting your managers The Good Authority Accreditation—proudly held by elite businesses like Amazon and Panasonic—is a powerful way to show your organizations commitment to great leadership.

Coaching That Gives ROI

Our manager training program drives high-performance. You don't have to take our word for it. Your program comes with comprehensive assessments for before and after the implementation, like the sample below:

Good Authority Training Curriculum

Built on three core pillars—Authority, Alignment, and Accountability—your managers will learn the essential skills for giving developmental feedback, creating alignment, for people and teams, and making sure everyone is doing the right work at the right level.

Good Authority

You can learn to be the leader your team needs

How do you feel about being an authority? How do your employees feel about authority? Refound helps leaders find their voice by learning to let go of the unproductive beliefs and habits that we hold about authority, so that you can lead with a balance of curiosity and conviction.

Good Alignment

Alignment enhances outcomes without hurting culture

Even if you’re motivated to coach and develop your team, it’s the easiest thing to slip on the priority list. Good Alignment is Refound’s core value that focuses on keeping your coaching alive to help identify growth opportunities, use 1:1s to give feedback, and keep topics relevant over time.

Good Accountability

Feedback, at the right time will help your team grow

Giving feedback is a learned skill. It’s a balance of being candid but kind, direct but human. Refound’s approach to Good Accountability is backed a framework called The Accountability Dial™ to provide leaders an easy-to-follow guide for how to start and manage performance.

Straightforward Manager Training That Just Works.

All Good Authority Manager Coaching Programs have a dedicated program manager who schedules the sessions, tracks attendance, and ensures everyone gets the support they need. 

Good Authority 

Manager Training

Designed for High-Impact Small Group Cohorts of 10 Managers Each

$1,495 per person

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