The Good Authority Training Program

Step 1 — Your training program begins with an on-site seminar where we'll teach your managers and leaders how to give high-value feedback and have effective one-on-one meetings.

Step 2 — After the on-site seminar, you'll have the option to enroll your team in our unique micro-coaching service — to deepen skills and keep the important conversations moving forward.

Step 3 — For companies in training with us, we offer individual executive coaching and leadership retreats.


Step 1: The Good Authority Seminar — How to Give High-Value Feedback and Have Effective One-on-One Conversations

Jo Dennis, VP People & Culture, Omada Health

"I've never seen 35 people stay in one room for three hours and remain so engaged! Jonathan's deep experience and natural ability to quickly build rapport kept our managers involved for the entire seminar. The Good Authority approach helped us re-center ourselves on the purpose of feedback, and we had the chance to practice with each other in a light-hearted format.

The best part is we ended by making accountability agreements with each other as peers!  We are proud of our high expectations ... Jonathan and team should be proud of their "5 out of 5" feedback from the team!"

Shelton Matsey, Owner, Fit Code Results

"Accountability and having those tough conversations that are needed is something that our team has really struggled with. We had the opportunity to have Jonathan Raymond at our facility to give us the framework to have those conversations. Our team now feels empowered and that they have the tools going forward to hold one another accountable. This will benefit a lot with the growth of our company and our team going forward." 

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