The Good Authority Leadership Program

Our program begins with the Good Authority Seminar — an on-site workshop where your leaders and managers will come away with new skills but, more importantly, a new mindset around what it means to lead people with accountability based in personal caring.

"The Good Authority seminar was great! I believe it is an absolute necessity to implement this in any organization that wants to grow and succeed."  — Billy Davis

"Refound has cracked the code for how to engage our team by asking the right questions in a refreshingly simple way that always moves things forward.” — Tiffany Lach

"This seminar will help you understand what it means to be and hold others accountable and see the potential of great change and growth in yourself, teams, and company. Thank you!" — Brian Brandt

"Great seminar .... looking forward to applying everything I learned in becoming a better version of myself in order to better others." — David Raees

"The Refound community speaks to the heart of the matter — we are changing our culture one conversation at a time. Thanks!" — Jesse Brinkherhoff

"The seminar opened my eyes to much more structured and effective ways to communicate in both my business and personal life." — Chad Woessner

"Moment after moment of discovery, realization, and re-affirmation. Just put in the work to practice what you'll learn and you are set!" — Lalaine Viacruzis

"This has been an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as a leader that I don’t know how I’d replace." — Elizabeth Aslanidis

"Good Authority training has allowed me to grow personally and professionally in ways that I am sure I won’t be able to fully measure for years to come." — Jamie Birch

“I learned how to truly delegate responsibility to others, and to hold them accountable not just for getting things done but for getting things done the right way.” — Gary Hellmann

“After one week in this training, the first thing I wanted to do was apologize to my team for my previous management. I can't recommend this enough.” — Brian Secrist

"The conversation at Refound is THE conversation that is missing in business today — the conversations are candid, open and directly relevant to what we are all working on.” — Spencer Rosen

Jo Dennis, VP People & Culture, Omada Health

"I've never seen 35 people stay in one room for three hours and remain so engaged! Jonathan's deep experience and natural ability to quickly build rapport kept our managers involved for the entire seminar. The Good Authority approach helped us re-center ourselves on the purpose of feedback, and we had the chance to practice with each other in a light-hearted format.

Shelton Matsey, Owner, Fit Code Results

"Accountability and having those tough conversations is something that our team has really struggled with. We had the opportunity to have Jonathan at our facility to give us the framework to have those conversations. Our team now feels empowered and that they have the tools going forward to hold one another accountable in a supportive way. This will benefit all of us — with the growth of our company and our team going forward." 

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