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"Jonathan is a naturally engaging speaker who clarifies what is essential in ways that inspire us to action. I’ve witnessed many famous speakers, but precious few who can move a room with such lucidity and humanity.” — Stephen Sloan, Principal at Digital Bridge Partners

Author of Good Authority | CEO at Refound

Jonathan Raymond's keynotes and seminars will spark a new conversation about how to challenge status-quo workplace dynamics and create the leadership culture modern employees are hungry for. Bringing a light-hearted touch to these timely topics, your audience will enjoy hearing from an original voice in the company culture and leadership world.

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Former EMyth CEO and Chief Brand Officer turned leadership mentor, Jonathan’s gift is helping leaders and managers shift the way they talk with their so that everyone feels seen, valued, and challenged. From the C-Suite to first-time team leaders, Jonathan speaks from personal experience. He knows what it takes to help leaders develop the inner confidence, cultural listening and real-time accountability skills that it takes to give employees the personal experience they're looking for.

"Jonathan Raymond is an engaging speaker who creates meaningful, memorable experiences for his audiences. His captivating stage presence and rare mix of humility, character, and competence always leaves the crowd wanting to hear more.”  — Shye Gilad, Adj. Prof. of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown

Events & Topics

book-graphicGood Authority — How to Become the Leader Your Team is Waiting For. Gone are the days when people came to work for paychecks and promotions. The most talented employees are looking for leaders who engage with them personally. In this lively talk or workshop, Jonathan will introduce your audience to the core concepts of Good Authority, and how managers can show up with their teams in a way that’s vulnerable, transparent, and results-oriented at the same time.

Formats: 45-minute Keynote; Half or Full Day Seminar; 2-Day Leadership Retreat
Fixer, Fighter or Friend and the Five Employee Personas.  
We all look at the world through our authority filters. When we're in a management or leadership role, we rely on past experience of how authority treated us — for better and often for worse. And, of course, the same is true when we find ourselves on the employee side of the relationship. In this thought-provoking talk, Jonathan dives deep into two of the most popular chapters in the book — the three leadership archetypes covered in Fixer, Fighter or Friend?, and the Five Employee Personas.

Formats: 45-minute Keynote; Half or Full Day Team Training

accountability_v2The Accountability Dial.  The most frustrating thing for employees is to not know where they stand with their boss. With very little training available, most managers give feedback too late and without the context people need to own change for themselves. In this half-day workshop, we’ll focus on developing your accountability skills — using the Accountability Dial to role-play what great feedback looks like in real-time.

Formats: 45-minute Keynote; Half or Full Day Seminar

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Jonathan’s Savvy

Jonathan is the author of the new book Good Authority — How To Become The Leader Your Team Is Waiting For (Ideapress 2016) He's the Founder & CEO at Refound, and the former CEO and Chief Brand Officer of E-Myth, the coaching company behind the famous book, where led a company-wide transformation between 2011 and 2015.  Jonathan’s savvy is working with leaders at different levels within an organization — from CEOs to first-time team leaders — to help them discover a common language around professionalism, accountability and how to help every member of the team grow.

Jonathan created Refound in 2015 to focus his passion on culture, personal growth, and the new kind of conversation leaders can have at work. You can learn more about the history of Refound and the Good Authority philosophy in this recent appearance on Mixergy.



About Jonathan

After twenty years of not being able to decide whether he was a business development guy or a personal growth teacher, Jonathan stopped trying to figure it out. He’s the owner of Refound, an online training startup that offers Good Authority training programs for owners, executives, and managers. He’s madly in love with his wife, tries not to spoil his daughter, and will never give up on the New York Knicks. Jonathan is the former CEO and Chief Brand Officer of EMyth, where he led the transformation of a global coaching brand and has worked in tech, clean tech, and the nonprofit world after graduating law school in 1998. He lives in Ashland, Oregon, a lovely town that’s too far away from a warm ocean.

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