How to stop a resignation in 30 seconds

How leaders can talk to team members and increase retention. Use this simple and most important conversation to get your people to stay.


Hey, folks, I want to give you a simple thing that you can do this week to work on attrition. These days everybody – companies big and small -everybody’s struggling with attrition. I just came back from a walk with the dog hence the sweat on my face, with talking with one of my clients and he said look if I had five dollars for everybody I’ve talked with in the last month who’s reevaluating their life after covid, I could take all of us to Hawaii and it’s true.

This it’s happening everywhere and we can bemoan it, we can complain about it, we can worry about all the reasons why it’s happening, but most of the reasons why it’s happening are out of our control and that’s why there’s one thing you could do which is in your control that’s really simple and is counter-intuitive. Ask people to stay. We do this weird thing as leaders, especially people who are responsible for culture and leadership in our organizations as we see this problem, this big problem like attrition and we go into this strategic mindset what can we do. What tactics can we do, you know what are all the levers that we can pull behind the scenes to try to get people to stay and the one thing that we almost never do is go and talk to them and say hey I know there’s a lot of stuff going on, I know people are leaving and you know everyone’s reevaluating their life and there’s a lot going on in the world but I hope you stay and you can say look I don’t have all the answers for how it’s gonna get better. I know that there are challenges that we face and I hope that you’ll stay.

Right, so it’s within your control. Go talk to people you’re working on your relationships you’re building connections with people. That’s the thing people are hungry for when people leave right we see the data all the time people don’t leave companies they leave managers. Well, they’ll stay for managers and leaders as well if we’ll invest a little bit in the moment, go have that conversation pick one person, pick 10 people, go meet a hundred people in your organization this week go and talk with them. Acknowledge reality right as it’s happening everywhere if it’s not happening in your company it’s happening their friends are leaving and looking for another job everybody’s talking about it go and talk with them have a simple conversation it’ll take you 30 seconds and it’s much more likely that they’re going to stay a little while then they’re going to leave.

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