How to Lead in a Zombie Worker Apocalypse

Being a leader in the modern world can feel like barely controlled chaos. How you approach leadership impacts the bottom line.

I’m thrilled to tell you about a new Keynote I’ve been working on:

How to Lead in a Zombie Worker Apocalypse, Reclaim Your Mental and Emotional Health, and Have Fun Doing It

These last few years have been rough. For people leaders, that meant trying to do even more with even less, managing through a global pandemic, dealing with ever-deepening social and political chaos seeping into the workplace, and, for many folks trying to do all of that remotely.

I created this talk to offer a way out of this painful and exhausting loop that too many leaders and organizations are in — by changing the answer to one question:

What does it mean to be the boss?

How you answer that question doesn’t only impact the bottom line. It impacts the mental and emotional health of leaders and teams alike. It impacts performance, engagement, retention and your reputation as an employer.

If you’re organizing a company event or industry conference in 2023 and want to see if this Keynote fits your goals, let’s talk. You can connect with us here.

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