with Jonathan Raymond, author of Good Authority

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"Jonathan has lived the changes he inspires other leaders to make. His work is full of practical, no-nonsense guidance for the leader who wants to do work that matters. If you’re looking for a roadmap to help the people on your team to own their work, this is for you. — Bernadette Jiwa, bestselling author and Brand Strategist

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Why one-on-one meetings are the most underutilized tool in your culture change toolkit

How to reboot your current employee relationships and create a fresh start

How to bring up uncomfortable or awkward topics in a spirit of mentoring and guidance

How to show up transparently without undermining your authority as the boss

How to apply the 5-levels of accountability to move the conversation forward productively

Your Host: Jonathan Raymond

After twenty years of not being able to decide whether he was a business development guy or a personal growth teacher, Jonathan stopped trying to figure it out. He's the author of Good Authority and the CEO at Refound where he helps leaders bring personal and professional growth together. He lives in Ashland, Oregon, a lovely town that’s too far away from a warm ocean.

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"The conversation at Refound is THE conversation that is missing in business today. Jonathan has distilled the magic moments where real culture change happens into a usable format. Through this program, I've been supported to focus not on the content of my problems but on the bigger picture personal themes that when addressed with staff members seem to have the small stuff handle itself.— Spencer Rosen, President & CEO

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