Ask A Refound Coach: How to unify a hybrid team

Improving hybrid team dynamics

We asked some of our most dedicated readers what’s keeping them up at night and the responses mirrored national trends: attrition, burnout, and hybrid team dynamics are stressing out people leaders right now. Here’s what one manager told us:

I’m managing a team of four people within our company which has around 50 employees. Two of my reports have been on my team for two years, back when we were still in the office, and two came on during the pandemic and have only ever been remote. There is a natural camaraderie between the two who knew each other from working onsite together, while the other two are noticeably less connected, causing them to be quieter and less likely to contradict the other two. I’ve tried talking to each of them individually about our team dynamics and tried to initiate opportunities for us all to connect within meetings, but nothing really sticks. How do I talk about this without alienating anyone and how do I get all of us working together in a way that feels more balanced and collaborative?

Check out the video to learn what Rick and James recommend for improving hybrid team dynamics.

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