Refound is a leadership and HR consultancy driven by an audacious belief: That the deepest purpose of a business is to change the lives of the people who work there.

Founded by the former CEO of a well-known business coaching company, the problem we set out to solve is not new:

How do you get a group of unique individuals to collaborate towards a common goal without devolving into politics, gossip and overwhelm?

  • Where leaders know to be vulnerable but firm
  • Where employees have autonomy and work well together
  • Where managers have room to create rather than supervise

As a progressive leader, it seems like you're constantly having to choose between business and personal — between creating results and giving people the space they need to grow.

We started Refound to offer an alternative and, once and for all, crack the code.

By seeing managers as the lynchpin and training them in a new form of accountability — helping them make the shift from taskmaster to personal growth facilitator — we're accelerating the process of culture change in a way never before possible.

We believe that every employee has the right to a great boss, and that a great boss is someone that helps you become a better person while you're at work.

We also believe that the dismal employee engagement numbers tell only part of the story. When we factor in the secondary impacts of a disengaged workforce on families and communities, on individual mental and emotional health, substance abuse, and chronic illness, there's no more urgent problem to solve.

With all the uncertainty in our world, one thing is clear: changing the lives of employees is good for business, good for the world, and, most importantly, it's the right thing to do.

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“I’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand how Jonathan works to support both business owners and teams who are seeking to reinvent themselves. His insights and authentic leadership style helped people to get where they wanted to go. They couldn’t have achieved their goals without his guidance.”

It has been a moment/s of discovery, realisation and re-affirmation that my thoughts were right all along. Just need to put in real hard work and commitment to practice what you learned every day and you are set.

The refound community speaks to the heart of the matter, and teaches you how to do so in your own life through the good authority training. It wasn’t rocket science, just a perfect blend of courage, action, and kindness. Our business is now able to name the issues before they become issues. We are changing our culture one conversation at a time. Thanks!

“The most powerful thing was for all of us to see how we struggle with the same things. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as a leader that I don’t know how I’d replace. I found a place to work on becoming more open, honest and vulnerable and recognize the changes I need to make within myself to be a great leader for my team and for myself.”

“Sharing personal stories and struggles, getting insight and feedback and sometimes just listening to a diverse group of professionals has allowed me to grow my business and further my personal growth in ways that I am sure I won’t be able to fully measure for years to come. You need a peer group. It’s that simple. You are holding yourself back by not having one. It’s an amazing experience.”

“Refound has made a profound change to how I approach managing my team. I learned how to truly delegate responsibility to others, and to hold them accountable not just for getting things done but for getting things done the right way. This training has given me the tools and the knowledge to grow individually and help the people around me do the same.”

“Refound has revolutionized my quest for leadership development. The conversations across diverse industries are full of rich explorations which lead to concrete examples that we can all apply. Jonathan has cracked the code of how to engage our employees and ourselves by asking the right questions in a refreshingly simple format that always moves the conversation forward.”

“It’s amazing how much I was doing to hinder my team’s growth — and didn’t even realize it. After one week in this training, the first thing I wanted to do was apologize to my team for my previous management. I recommend Good Authority training for any manager who wants to get better for the people on their team.”

“The conversation at Refound is THE conversation that is missing in business today. Jonathan has distilled the magic moments where real culture change happens into a usable format for business people to grasp in a small peer group experience. The conversations are candid, open and are directly relevant to what we are all aspiring towards at our organizations. Through this program, I’ve been supported to focus not on the content of my problems but on the bigger picture personal themes that when addressed with staff members seem to have the small stuff handle itself.”

“I love Jonathan’s style of working with people – and how they never get left out of the equation no matter what the business context. It’s always refreshing to be around someone who stands for what they believe in but does it with an open mind.”

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